Best Vlogging Camera of 2017

The internet provides an avenue for people to share their personal experiences to many audiences. Vlogging is one of the widely-popular trends today. Vloggers use many video-sharing websites like YouTube to broadcast their day-to-day events. It is the easiest way to reach out to your audience compares to corporate video production. When they upload interesting and high-quality videos, they make themselves online celebrities with followers from around the world. 

If you want to get more followers (not bashers!) and positive feedbacks for your Vlog, it is important to invest in a quality camera. Here are some recommendations from the experts: 

  1. Sony a7R II

If you don’t mind paying more for a stand-out camera, the 42.4-megapixel camera sensor of Sony a7R II may just be right for you. It can shot perfect 4K resolution in a full 35 mm format. The shots from this camera are so clean and the colors appear to be very natural (not too vibrant or too dull). It’s like watching videos as if you are there seeing things for yourself.  

The durability of this camera is unquestionable.  The shutter can last for a minimum of 500,000 cycles. The battery life can extend for hours. The flexible screen enables you to capture a wide range of motion. The ISO sensitivity can reach up to 102,000 for still photos and 25,600 for 4K video. 

  1. Sony a6500

You can never go wrong if you will choose this camera. It has a 24.2-megapixel camera, which can produce pictures at an equivalent resolution of 6K. The battery can last for half an hour and can shoot 4K footages.  

It is easy to take stable shots using a6500. If you want to autofocus, it is so easy using the touchscreen. The autofocus feature can also zero in on the subject in 0.05 seconds. No other brand can do that! This camera is so powerful but remains to be moderately affordable, which is a good find for serious Vloggers out there. 

  1. Canon 70D

This is by far the most popular choice among many Vloggers right now. Its ability to use continuous autofocus feature makes it so unique and handy for YouTube bloggers.  This is highly recommended for people who want to make Vlogging not just a hobby but a career.  Aside from the amazing autofocus capability, other amazing features include 20 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and DIGIC 5+; 19 point cross-type AF System; ISO 100-12800, expandable to 25600; Dual Pixel CMOS AF for fast focus in live view and video;3″ Touch panel LCD Screen which can flip out. 

Introduction To Video Production

As an internet marketer you have probably made effort to get into making videos for your brand or message. There are a number of questions involved you may not have realized you should be asking. The first silent question is, “is video really that important to my business? considering that conversions for video over text copy are better than 30%-40% over text copy, it makes the choice a real no brainer. The next important silent question is usually the stopgap where most people turn around and run, even before really discovering the truth. Is a decent quality video hard to make? No, it’s easy really. The tools are pretty much the same for everyone. This means the truth about really making the kind of videos you want representing you for years to come, are all technique, not tools. Technique is achieving a certain set of standards and enhancing the videos with your style and product or message from there. 

Developing your own personal or business branding is also nothing to be afraid of and if you do not feel you have the personal skills, then outsource the job. Outsourcing is usually fairly expensive however, and you can see costs run into the multiple thousands of dollars. Another critical silent question is whether it’s worth the effort. You could not put your money into a more solid investment in this respected author’s opinion. When you’re done, you have no less than a 24/7 salesman, working for free. Think about that for a second. Once you have a good quality video created to promote your message, your investment is complete. From there your only cost is in the time it takes to place that video into the hundreds of networks who will gladly accept your little salesman for free. At this point the decision should be made to pursue video as a sales performance enhancer, and your thought should be what to put in your videos.